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Green Valley residents get vaccines earlier this year.

An Executive Order signed last week by Gov. Doug Ducey banning vaccine mandates for employees isn’t changing the way Pima County will do business.

The Dec. 15 order says no jurisdiction can require anybody to get a COVID-19 vaccine. Healthcare employees are exempt.

Pima County requires the vaccine for new employees and for employees working with “vulnerable populations,” including corrections workers. If not vaccinated by Dec. 31, they’ll lose their jobs.

Nearly 400 workers are facing firing next week; and about half of them work in corrections. The county is contemplating releasing some inmates because of the shortfall.

Before Ducey signed the Executive Order, the Pima County Board of Supervisors this month voted, 4-1, to move forward with the firing process. The lone dissenting vote came from Supervisor Steve Christy.

Christy said Tuesday he expects challenges to the county mandate to land in court soon in light of Ducey’s order.

Acting County Administrator Jan Lesher wrote in a memo Tuesday there are “numerous reasons” to require vaccinations despite Ducey’s order and recommended the board “continue to aggressively support vaccination of the public and of County employees…”

Tucson also is ignoring Ducey’s order and continues to require vaccinations for employment.

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