The Town of Sahuarita is eligible to receive some financial relief for costs it incurred as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Through an agreement with the Arizona Department of Emergency Management and Military Affairs (AzDEMA), the town can receive up to 90 percent reimbursement for qualifying costs related to emergency response and prevention for COVID.

"We’re looking to get reimbursed for any incurred costs that meet FEMA’s criteria," town spokesman Mark Febbo said. "Costs we’re certain will be reimbursed are for PPE, sanitation of town buildings and facilities and related overtime costs."

Febbo said they don't know how much they'll receive yet.

"We don’t have a sense yet because this funding will cover eligible costs incurred in the upcoming months and we don’t know what lies ahead just yet," he said.

They are in the process of confirming what will be reimbursable, but currently about $50,000 of their COVID related costs would be eligible. This includes $10,000 given to the Sahuarita Food Bank, supplies such as hand sanitizer, wipes, thermometers and other items/costs associated with the work from home program.

This does not include the overtime that will be reimbursed as they are still determining what overtime costs are eligible.

There might also be additional funding available through the county and state’s allocations under the Coronavirus Relief Act.

The town is currently working on completing FEMA's project application.

"We are not asking for other types of resources at this time, we are looking at establishing funding eligibility for reimbursement for money we have spent and will spend, related to our own COVID-19 response," Febbo said. "In short, we know that we are eligible, but we must take these actions now in order to ensure that we are eligible."