Green Valley Recreation reopened some amenities on a limited basis Saturday and will open pools and fitness centers this week.

On Saturday morning, GVR reopened the Pickleball Center and West Center tennis and shuffleboard areas.

Interim CEO Jen Morningstar said now that there are guidelines from the county the organization would be able to open pools and fitness centers.

GVR wants to have pools opened this week, beginning with West Center and Desert Hills.

Some members voiced concerns about limiting capacity to two people in the pool at a time after GVR included a letter from a law group last Friday in its communication with members. In the letter, the law group recommended two people in a hot tub or pool at a time.

Morningstar said that would not be the case at GVR's facilities.

"If we were to open pools (and) only allow two people in at one time, we might as well not open pools," she said. "We expect to limit the number of people, but our pools can certainly handle more than two people (while) keeping social distancing in mind."

Last week, GVR also announced that the East Center pool and spa had leaks and would remain closed until further notice. Contractors found the pool was leaking 250 gallons in 24 hours.

Morningstar said she appreciated the encouragement staff received from members about taking their time to make sure everyone is as safe as possible.

"Like everyone else, we are learning new information all the time and plans constantly evolve," she said.