GVR members will soon be back together. This photo is from the 2019 senior games.

Green Valley Recreation has a reopening plan ready, but don't expect the doors to swing open anytime soon.

Interim CEO Jen Morningstar presented a brief layout of the plan's phase one process during the Board of Directors meeting Wednesday. However, she said reopening the facilities wouldn't go forward without proper personal protection equipment (PPE) on hand.

Morningstar said PPE supplies ordered before the March 14 shutdown are still on back order, and there's no timetable for when shipments would arrive.

It's not just the unavailability of PPE keeping GVR's doors shut.

Gov. Doug Ducey extended his March 31 stay-at-home order to May 15 about 30 minutes after GVR's meeting ended Wednesday.

Ducey modified the order to allow limited reopening for retail businesses. However, the order keeping GVR closed remains in effect.

Phase one

GVR's phase one process would involve limited access to four centers with a mid-day break for sanitizing facilities — Las Campanas, Canoa Ranch, East Center and West Center. Access would be limited.

The plan calls for fitness areas, locker rooms, pools and spas to reopen at Las Campanas and Canoa Ranch. It includes the pickleball courts at Canoa Ranch.

East Center would also open its pickleball courts and locker rooms. The West Center would reopen a limited number of tennis courts.

The phase one plan calls for centers to open at 5:30 a.m. and close at 2 p.m. Staff would work on sanitizing the facilities during the break and then reopen from 5 to 8 p.m.

GVR will also require members to sign a waiver of liability when visiting any facility. Members would also be encouraged to wear masks and maintain social distance.

The plan also calls for posting monitors to fitness rooms, locker rooms, pools and court area entrances. Attendants would be present to sanitize surfaces and equipment after use.

Staff recommended racquet sports players play as singles rather than doubles.

More facilities, area access and amenities would become available gradually in the remaining last three phases.

Reopening facilities

Morningstar told the board it would take five to eight days to bring the selected facilities back online when GVR is ready to begin phase one.

Even if Ducey allows facilities such as GVR to reopen after his stay-at-home order expires on May 15, beginning phase one for the organization would depend on getting more PPE.

Morningstar told the board that some shipments had come in but they hadn't received anywhere near what they'd need for a sustained reopening.

Directors floated the idea of members donating PPE supplies but Morningstar cautioned that staff would have to follow government guidelines on what equipment they can use.

Board president Don Weaver told directors that GVR must consider liability issues as well.

"Our attorney is working with us to make sure we do the right thing," he said.

Morningstar told the board the staff's primary concern is ensuring the safety of the members in any reopening scenario.

"Our demographic is an older demographic, they're a high-risk demographic," she said. "Until we have a lot of safety equipment and a lot of sanitation supplies, we can't guarantee that they're going to be safe. And my directive is GVR facilities and members and staff have to be safe."

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