Continental School District held a Teachers Parade through several neighborhoods on Tuesday, March 31, 2020, to celebrate the bond of families in the district and wider community — and because they missed their students.

Kids won't return to school this year because of coronavirus.

About 40 staff met at the school with their cars decorated in banners reading, "We love you,” “We miss you” or “Colts stand together.”

Led by the local fire and police departments, a caravan of about 15 vehicles added a splash of Colts blue as they proceeded to Madera Highlands and Madera Reserve, greeted by rows of Continental families with their own signs.

The idea came from Continental principal DeAnna Cuevas who saw similar parades in other cities going around on Facebook. Superintendent Roxana Rico said it was an emotional experience for teachers and a meaningful one.

“It was tough on everybody and the teachers were saying it was so emotional to see the kids but really uplifting to see each other and make that connection, see the support of families and teachers,” she said. “Our teachers are working so hard with the online learning and to see the families supporting them today was an amazing feeling.”

She said the parade meant a lot to the district and community in a time when families and those in education are feeling frustrations and major shifts in their daily lives.

The district hopes to do another parade closer to the end of the school year.