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Laura and Joseph Merchant own and operate home-based daycare Little Learning Lambs Daycare.

Husband and wife Joseph and Laura Merchant consider themselves blessed. The pair owns and operates Little Learning Lambs Daycare from their home and knows that others are struggling right now with the impacts of COVID-19.

They knew there had to be something they could do to offer a little cheer to the community.

“Since we are in a blessed place at this time we knew that somehow we wanted to just bring a smile to a mom, a dad,” Joseph Merchant said. “With the coffee, it’s not much but it’s something to just let them know that we care.”

The daycare is offering free coffee at Starbucks through a code they shared on their Facebook page. Merchant had purchased a $125 gift card and anyone who needed a caffeine boost could pull up in the drive-through and show the barcode.

As of Monday, there was still $95 left.

“We might not ever know who drank a coffee on us but we don’t need to,” he said. “We just hope that we could have been a happy moment in their lives at that time.”

But, the Merchants didn’t stop at free coffee. They are now working to feed a family in need and support a local business at the same time.

They are currently asking for nominations of families who are being hit hard by the coronavirus and will provide one family a meal from Tito’s Pizza/Italian Eatery.

“We wanted to give them a little bit of their normal, no strings attached, just pray and let them be blessed,” Merchant said. “Let the kids have a smile and a family could laugh, could talk, could enjoy a dinner.”

They are hoping to provide additional families meals after this first one and want to choose different restaurants each time to spread the love around to local businesses.

“We honestly aren’t going on with it with any real agenda, just want to be a blessing,” Merchant said. “That’s who we are as a family and if we have the means at this point to do something like this then we will.”

The couple is thankful for the great relationships they have with the parents and children who use their daycare.

The criteria for nominations of families is they must be a family with a child or children, affected by COVID-19 in a loss of income, have Facebook or Instagram and live in Sahuarita or Green Valley.

To nominate a family, get the barcode for coffee and to learn more about the daycare and it’s services, follow the Little Learning Lambs Daycare on Facebook. Coffee is first-come, first-serve and will last until the funds run out.

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Reporter Jamie Verwys grew up in Sahuarita and graduated from the high school in 2006. She lives in Tucson and graduated from the University of Arizona with a bachelor’s degree in journalism in 2018.