Deanne Lessley and her friends have turned their Monday game group into an opportunity to encourage each other and swap items they can’t find at the store.

Last week, one person had extra eggs but needed flour. This week, they talked toilet paper — rationing and availability.

They also look out for those who are incapacitated and need somebody to call or look in on them on their street in their San Ignacio Vistas II neighborhood.

Lessley said they’ve always looked out for each other but the coronovirus has heightened that. The small group meets outside, “and we kept our distance, believe me,” she said with a laugh.

Sometimes just getting together to talk is as important as the information they exchange, she said.

“You can maintain that social distancing and still get together,” she said.

Canoa Vistas II is also mobilizing for the good of all. A resident recently emailed the HOA president and asked that other residents be alerted that if anybody needed help — shopping, an errand — they’ll help out.

After that initial email, a lot of other able-bodied residents followed suit. Now they have a contact person for anybody in the neighborhood who needs an assist.

— Dan Shearer


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