election 1

Green Valley Fire District Chief Chuck Wunder and Continental Elementary School District Superintendent Roxana Rico watch the recount of their propositions at the county Elections Department. 

It took an extra 11 days to find out, but Continental School and Green Valley Fire District can breathe a sigh of relief: Their requests for an override and bond were approved by voters. 

A ballot error led to a four-day recount by hand that ended Saturday morning. 

The Continental Elementary School District request for continuation of its 14 percent override (Prop. 484) passed with 12,517 yes votes to 7,474 no votes, or a 63 to 37 margin. 

GVFD’s first-ever bond request (Prop. 485), to rebuild an aging fire station, passed with 18,861 yes votes to 4,362 no votes, or about an 81 to 19 percent margin. 

Other races

Pima County finished counting all but write-in ballots Friday in other races. Among the results: 

•District 4 Pima County Supervisor Steve Christy, who led by a small margin on election night, ended up beating Democratic opponent Steve Diamond by nearly 10 percentage points. Christy, a Republican, had 69,292 votes (54.52 percent) to Diamond’s 57,813 (45.48 percent). It was the first time a Democrat had run in the district since 1996. 

•Democrat Rex Scott edged Republican opponent Steve Spain in Supervisor District 1 to fill Ally Miller’s seat. Scott won with 50.28 percent of the vote (66,565) to Spain’s 49.72 percent (65,835). The board is rounded out by Democrats Adelita Grijalva, Matt Heinz and incumbent Sharon Bronson. 

•Sheriff Mark Napier, a Republican, narrowly lost his post to former Sheriff Chris Nanos, a Democrat. Nanos posted 252,196 votes (50.34 percent) to Napier’s 248,765 (49.66 percent).  •Republican Beth Ford surged post election night, keeping the county treasurer seat she has held since 2001, with 50.59 percent of the vote over Democrat Brian Bickel. 

•Yet to be decided is the final seat for Continental School board. One of three write-in candidates will take the final open seat. Those ballots will be counted in the next couple of days.