Steve Christy

Steve Christy (R) 

The 2020 General Election canvass is official, but the two Republicans on the Board of Supervisors voted against approving the results at Tuesday's meeting.

District 4 Republican Supervisor Steve Christy, who represents Green Valley and part of Sahuarita, said he voted against the results as a statement questioning what he called irregularities and possible fraud, a reference to results being reported nationwide.

The 1,851-page canvass is Pima County's official voting results, precinct by precinct.

Christy said there are strong indications of irregularities or fraud at all levels of the election process. 

No evidence of widespread voter fraud has surfaced; President Trump has challenged results in court filings in several states.

"Since our canvass at the county level is sent on to the state level, which is then sent on to the national level, even though Pima County plays a small part in the greater whole it still plays a part in the entire process," Christy said. "Consequently, if one piece of the puzzle is not sanctioned and not certified, then the entire puzzle is not sanctioned or certified. And that's why I voted against the canvass in Pima County."

The canvass results he voted against approving showed Christy winning his re-election bid in District 4 against Democratic challenger Steve Diamond by about nine percentage points.

"I would rather not be re-elected county supervisor if there was a cloud over the integrity of the election results that would affect my race," he said, adding that irregularities could affect both sides in any election.

"If there are irregularities that come to light in my election, then I would rather not be supervisor if they come to light and are proven to be less than valid votes in my election," he said.

Though several allegations have proven to be unfounded, Christy said there is still time for irregularities to come to light. 

"We have to be patient and allow the process to unfold," he said. "And in due course, I do believe irregularities, and maybe even the actual fraud itself, will reveal itself. But at this particular time, the important thing is to let the lawyers and the judges make the determinations and we all have to be patient for the results."

It was a contentious election across the nation, and Trump has not conceded to Democrat Joe Biden. The Associated Press other media declared Biden the winner Nov. 7. The Electoral College meets Dec. 14.  

How we voted

Given the interest in this year's election, it's no surprise that turnout in Pima County was up. 

The county reported an 82 percent voter turnout, with 459,777 of the 526,319 total cast ballots coming in early — 87 percent. There were 50,323 ballots cast at the polls and 16,219 provisional ballots.

In 2016, the county reported a 78 percent turnout in the General Election and nearly 71 percent voter turnout in the 2018 midterm election.

Countywide, voters favored Biden over Trump. Biden took 304,981 votes compared to Trump's 207,758.

In eight precincts in the Green Valley area, Biden received 9,218 votes compared to Trump's 8,476. However, when you add two precincts from Sahuarita, Biden took 12,652 votes to Trump's 12,337.

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