An Amado resident called the Pima County Sheriff's Department Sunday morning to report someone stole 60 chickens, three turkeys and a pot-bellied pig from his property.

The man told deputies he and his girlfriend are in the process of moving from a property on South Royal Drive. He left the property at 8:30 p.m Saturday and the animals were there, but when he returned around 10 a.m. Sunday they were gone, along with some cages, feed and a water container.

During the course of the investigation, deputies found 11 of the chickens at another property in the area. According to a PCSD report, the residents said they'd been given the chickens by a woman claiming to work for "Animal Control." They gave the chickens back and are not facing any charges.

According to the report, a suspect in the case refused to provide any information to a deputy when he called her. However, "she kept screaming that she did not steal any chickens or pigs or turkeys from anybody and she did not cut a lock to anybody's fence."

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