Pima County Health Department

The Arizona Department of Health Services is allocating $14.36 million to Pima County for coronavirus testing.

The state received $418,951,131 from $19 million allocated through the existing Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Epidemiology and Laboratory Capacity.

An initial $100 million of that is being allocated to counties to be used for staffing, lab testing, disease surveillance and other critical activities in COVID-19 mitigation.

Allocations to counties are $100,000 plus an amount based on what percentage of the state’s population they make up.

County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry said the $14.36 million wasn’t enough to keep testing efforts going during a joint meeting between the Tucson City Council, Mayor Regina Romero and Board of Supervisors on Friday.

He said the state wasn’t aware of what counties are doing on the ground while running testing programs.

Huckleberry told supervisors the state’s allocation would carry the county’s testing program through March 2. He said supervisors would then need to consider ending testing programs and turn the contract over to the state to pay if they won’t allocate the funding.

City Manager Michael Ortega told Romero the City of Tucson might need to reconsider its testing program should the county change directions. Ortega said Tucson had enough funding to last through the end of February.