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Here’s a tearjerker for you: My mom saved my brother, Leo, and me just in the nick of time from a lady trying to put us down a storm drain (an unforgivable way to “dispose” of any animal given the shelter resources available in the area!). We lived with her for four blissful months until the family (mom, four disabled children, and three other cats) lost their home. She had to make a lot of hard decisions, and surrendering us was one of them, but she knew with our great personalities we’d win hearts in no time. Leo and I need to stay together (you can understand why!), so we hope YOU ARE our future!


WANTED: One big-hearted, compassionate, kitten-loving Samaritan! I’m FeLV-positive so can’t live with other cats, but it’s not transmissible to dogs or humans and I can live many happy years with you. (Just in case I need it, I have Vet Care Support for Life.) In addition to THAT, I’m an absolutely adorable, 4-month-old, happy-go-lucky girl who’s predictably “all kitten.” I love playing with furry wands and bell balls, on cat trees, in your bed, on your lap, or beside you. I REALLY need a home because I’m awfully lonely here with no one to spend time with, so the two things my dreams are made of are a person and home of my own!


I am a 4-year-old, 75-pound American Bulldog, but I am really a small dog at heart! I’m sometimes called a “lovable klutz” and I like to sit in laps, for example! I am pretty easy going, don’t object to being touched or handled, and I love car rides! To tell all, I was on my way to a great adventure, even trying to hitch a ride, when a smart man decided that I would be better off here. He was right, of course! Now I just have to find that special someone, my very own special someone, who will finally take me on that adventure. Let’s meet soon. I bet we could become really good friends!


It’s not easy being a “found” dog, and it can be frustrating not knowing anything about your own history. I’ll tell you this, I’m a 9-month-old Lab mix, and even though I’m a big boy, I’m still just a puppy. I’ll need your love and guidance to teach me the basic commands and proper manners. It seems I haven’t had much leash training, but according to one of my handlers, I do pay attention and listen when spoken to. I’m just a typical, playful, rambunctious, lovable pup and if you’re ready to take on that task, please consider this my personal invitation to come and meet me. Are you ready for the challenge? I am!

TALGV is at 1600 W. Duval Mine Road. Our ATTIC THRIFT STORE IS OPEN MONDAYS, THURSDAYS, SATURDAYS, & SUNDAYS, 10 AM TO 2 PM. Face masks are requested if you have not been vaccinated. TALGV shelter hours are 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. daily. Intakes and adoptions are recommended by appointment. Please visit our website ( or to see available pets; then call 520-625-3170 to make an appointment to meet. Adoption Fees (for one or two): Cats $45; Dogs $85. All dogs 10 years and older and cats 12 years and older receive Vet Care Support for Life.

Other ways to help our dogs and cats:

*DONATED ITEMS: Donations may be dropped off at The Attic on the FIRST SUNDAY OF EACH MONTH ONLY. Limit to 3 boxes or 3 paper bags. You may drop off small furniture items at that time. We appreciate your donation at or by mail to help support our animals. Thank you for your contributions.

Paws Patrol Kitties



When I was 2 months old, I was spayed, and adopted within a week. I lived with a family for 2 years, but they didn’t keep me inside. I began living on a patio and that lady brought me to Paws Patrol and said when I was fixed, she would take me as an indoor kitty. Then the vet discovered I contracted FELV while I was outside. Now, my former family and the lady who found me don’t want me. I am healthy but will need to be an only kitty or live with another FELV kitty. I am sad and don’t enjoy being in a kennel. Will you visit me and take me home?


Howdy! My name is Elliott, and I came from a semi-friendly colony of cats with my two siblings. I am a very handsome gray and white tabby with gorgeous, patterned paws. I almost immediately decided I liked the attention of humans better than being unfriendly. Truth be told, you get more bees with honey than vinegar! While my sisters were scared and hissy, I was trying to get all the pets and attention I could! I have lots of energy and like to play! I am a very happy, friendly guy just waiting to go home with you and show you all my cute kitten tricks. Won’t you take me home and play with me?

Due to COVID-19, kittens 12 months or younger adoption fees are $40, all other cats are $20. Please call ahead and make an appointment at 520-207-4024 to visit our Fab Felines at our office at 750 W. Camino Casa Verde, one-half mile west of Friends in Deed between GV Plumbing and U-Haul. To help more cats during this pandemic, consider donating at:

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