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I am one friendly guy who head-butts to get your attention when I want to play with you or snuggle a little. They say I’m a lounger, but I’m more than happy to have your attention for playtime. Happily, I love to have my soft fur brushed, because it needs it to keep it looking its best. My housemate, Pepper (who I need to be adopted with), and I lived with a 95-pound Labrador and came here after our mom passed away. We’ve never lived with children, but with our sweet, gentle natures, we’d be happy to live with a family.  Please stop by to let us show you what delights we are. 


It’s a mystery to me how I got my name, but Pecan it is. I’m a sweet declawed (front paws) lady who currently is very shy, so the volunteers are giving me extra attention to help me overcome my being abandoned at a vet’s office. Fortunately, I was brought here where I’m being fed a variety of delectable treats to fill out my petite frame. And, boy, do I enjoy those extra feedings! Everyone’s catering to my hunger for attention, and although I appreciate that, I’d really love to be in my own home with my own person who can share love and attention with me.  Won’t you come meet me and be THE one? 


Since pua is Samoan for “flower,” you may think I’m of the female persuasion, but I’m actually a 4-month-old male Terrier mix puppy. I’m lucky to be staying in a good foster home that comes with a rather large pup as a playmate. My foster mom reports that I'm a happy, loving boy who’s in the process of learning what potty training is all about. I already know how to sit and come. My “mom” also mentions that I'm smart and easy going and just need more puppy training. I do enjoy a friendly, comfortable lap, and I think it’s  the perfect place to be. Do you have a home (and lap) available for me?  


I’m an affectionate 3-year-old Heeler who loves to cuddle and get belly rubs. I’ve gotten along with other animals in the past and know how to use a doggie door. Because I’m deaf, I’ve learned hand signals and they say that I respond well to them. I’d love to learn more because we heelers are a smart breed, always ready to learn something new! I walk well on a leash when out with the volunteers, but I also love to run off some of my herding dog energy whenever I get a chance! I’m looking for an active person or family who enjoys being out and about as much as I do. Is that you?  

TALGV is at 1600 W Duval Mine Road. ATTIC THRIFT STORE IS OPEN MONDAYS, THURSDAYS, SATURDAYS, & SUNDAYS, 10 AM TO 2 PM. Face masks are requested if you have not been vaccinated. TALGV shelter hours are 10 AM to 2 PM, daily. Intakes and adoptions are recommended by appointment. Please visit our website ( or to see available pets; then call 520-625-3170 to make an appointment to meet. Adoption Fees (for one or two): Cats $45; Dogs $85. All dogs 10 years and older and cats 12 years and older receive Vet Care Support for Life. 


*DONATED ITEMS: Donations may be dropped off at The Attic on the FIRST SUNDAY OF EACH MONTH ONLY. Limit to 3 boxes or 3 paper bags. You may drop off small furniture items at that time. We appreciate your donation at or by mail to help support our animals. Thank you for your contributions.

Paws Patrol Kitties



Just when you thought life was going your way, you’re thrown into a storm. My name is Pepper, and I had it all. I had a wonderful kitty friend who was adopted with me when I was 3 months old, and we lived with a wonderful man. Now I’m 2 years old and heartbroken. My dad died and I am back at Paws Patrol all alone. It’s hard to understand why this is happening. I still love attention and being petted, however, sometimes my grief overwhelms me. I really need a patient family to make me feel safe. With time, I’ll be a wonderful, loving kitty you always wanted. Please help me find love again. 


Make this a November to remember! I’m smart, sweet, and fuzzy, with lots of love to give. I found myself forced to live outside in the heat. Then I gave birth to a litter of four beautiful kittens on the roof of a home in Green Valley. No coyote could get to us there! When my babies started exploring, I moved them to a patio. The people who owned the house called Paws Patrol. Now my babies and I are safely in foster care. Soon my darlings will be big and won’t need me anymore. I’m a fabulous mama, but want a home of my own—with the roof over my head.

 Due to COVID-19, kittens 12 months or younger adoption fees are $40, all other cats are $20. Please call ahead and make an appointment at 520-207-4024 to visit our Fab Felines at our office at 750 W. Camino Casa Verde, one-half mile west of Friends in Deed between GV Plumbing and U-Haul. To help more cats during this pandemic, consider donating at:

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