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Although I lost my short-term family, I’m pretty glad I did, ‘cause the intent when I was given to them was to be an outdoor cat. As everyone knows, that is definitely not the place to live a long and protected life (“happy” it might be; it’s just not safe out there). While I lived with them, my people said that I was playful, sweet, and loved cuddles and kids (ages 4 and 5). So I guess I needn’t say too much more about all my attributes except that I want to be the light of your life, and think it would be extremely cool if you called me “The Kelvinator”! Your choice, of course!


I feel like Kermit’s song, “It’s not easy being green … you tend to blend in with other things…” was written just for my roommates and me! Our lives have been a series of ups and downs — spending our early months outside, tolerating the intake pokes and prods when arriving here, and enduring a weeks-long ringworm protocol in isolation without a lot of “people time” – so we basically missed the joy of our kittenhood and are being fairly low-profile right now. But we’re youngsters nonetheless, and given patience, safe and loving homes, with a smidgen of time, I bet we’ll all become the companions we’re meant to be. Won’t you PLEASE give us that chance?


Abandoned! My human left me at a local hotel and flew away to parts unknown! Was I ever hurt and upset! A kind hotel employee brought me back to TALGV where I’d been with my sister, Missy, years ago. Our dad raised us from kittens in a joy-filled home; it was a sad day when he had to relinquish us due to his health. Well, Missy is in her own home now, and I’m looking for one last home where we can curl up and be best buddies. Currently, I’m laying low, but warm up to petting and kind words, waiting for that special person to become my new forever companion. Please come meet me!


Everyone thinks babies are cute, but try being a middle-aged cat used to life with just his humans and then have a small creature with a thousand hands enter your life, hog all the attention, and see how YOU feel! My people tried to help me adjust, but I couldn’t manage, so I came here. A nice, older lady adopted me and another cat a few months ago, and although I really liked her, I wasn’t into other felines either, so at the moment, I’m a bit put out about it all and am being standoffish. But I know given time and patience, I’ll be the perfect one-person, quiet-home companion I was meant to be.

TALGV is at 1600 W. Duval Mine Road. Our ATTIC THRIFT STORE IS OPEN MONDAYS, THURSDAYS, SATURDAYS, & SUNDAYS, 10 AM TO 2 PM. Face masks are requested if you have not been vaccinated. TALGV shelter hours are 10 AM to 2 PM, daily. Intakes and adoptions are recommended by appointment. Please visit our website ( or to see available pets; then call 520-625-3170 to make an appointment to meet. Adoption Fees (for one or two): Cats $45; Dogs $85. All dogs 10 years and older and cats 12 years and older receive Vet Care Support for Life.

Other ways to help our dogs and cats:

*DONATED ITEMS: Donations may be dropped off at The Attic on the FIRST SUNDAY OF EACH MONTH ONLY. Limit to 3 boxes or 3 paper bags. You may drop off small furniture items at that time. We appreciate your donation at or by mail to help support our animals. Thank you for your contributions.

Paws Patrol Kitties

520- 207-4024


Need an excuse to get a pair of designer sneakers? Look no further! How about adopting a kitty with that name! Hi, my name is Reebok and I’m a stunning gray and silver tabby. I love to play and am super friendly and socialized. I grew up with my siblings in a foster home with lots of interaction, play time and most importantly, naps! Please consider adopting me with one of my brothers so I can have a friend forever to grow up with. How about Puma? He’s a grand match and let’s face it, two kittens are better than one! We are all looking for someone special and hope to live happily ever after!


Reebok isn’t the only designer name out there! What about Puma? It could mean designer apparel or kitty, in fact, it is a win-win! My name is Puma and I love playing. I have lots of energy and have the best times playing with my sister, Reebok, and my brothers. Since I’ve been in foster care, I am socialized and super friendly. I am ready for my next adventure, with my partner in crime, Reebok! So, if you’re looking for a magnificent pair of kittens in your life, schedule to meet me and my siblings. We are ready to grow up together, where we can take naps and play for as long as we can!

Due to COVID-19, kittens 12 months or younger adoption fees are $40, all other cats are $20. Please call ahead and make an appointment at 520-207-4024 to visit our Fab Felines at our office at 750 W. Camino Casa Verde, one-half mile west of Friends in Deed between GV Plumbing and U-Haul. To help more cats during this pandemic, consider donating at:

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