Every time we get in the car to go somewhere, we are directed by WHITE and YELLOW lines. The lines are there to guide drivers, warn drivers and regulate drivers.

Broken YELLOW lines separate traffic going in opposite directions. Since they are broken, you may pass when the roadway is clear, but must do so with extreme caution.

If there is a broken YELLOW line next to a solid YELLOW line it indicates passing is permitted, but only in one direction. If the broken YELLOW line is on your side of the solid YELLOW line, you may pass, but only if the roadway is clear. You must use extreme caution.

The double solid YELLOW line indicates no passing is permitted, you may NOT cross the lines, unless you are turning left.

And now, regarding the WHITE lines:

Broken WHITE lines separate lines of traffic going in the same direction. These lines may be crossed with caution. REMEMBER TO USE YOUR SIGNAL TO ANNOUNCE YOUR INTENTION TO CHANGE LANES!

A solid WHITE line marks the right edge of the roadway and separates the lanes of traffic moving in the same direction. Only cross the solid WHITE line on the right edge of the highway in case of an emergency or to avoid a road hazard.

Solid WHITE lines are used for turn lanes. If the lane is marked by a curved arrow with the word ONLY, you must turn in the direction of the arrow! If the marker is both a straight line with a curve attached to it, you may turn or go straight.

Here in Green Valley, we have special Bike and Golf Cart lanes that are marked by solid WHITE lines. You may NOT cross the lanes! If you are making a turn at an intersection, wait until the lines become broken and then move to the right.

One area of concern regarding the Bike and Golf Cart lane is at the intersection of South Retorno DeAnza and Camino Del Sol. Please wait until you reach the intersection and then make your turn. Many cars cross the Bike and Golf Cart lane and this creates two hazards, one for the Bikes and Golf Carts, and one for the drivers making the turn correctly.

The WHITE and YELLOW lines are there for our safety. We need to pay attention to them.

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