This story is about a 4-year-old red standard poodle named Ruby, owned by Quail Creek residents Gary and Timber Friedman.

Ruby went to stay for the first time with The Poodle Nanny while her parents went to Apache Junction to buy a new car. The Friedmans had an enjoyable trip to the car dealer and found the perfect car for their family. They were thinking as they drove home to Green Valley that this car was exactly what they were hoping for.

In the meantime, Ruby was enjoying her day as well. Ruby received lots of attention and played ball until she needed a nap. The nannie told her she could have a snack after she woke up. Ruby knew her nannie had the best treats and couldn't wait.

Gary and Timber arrived on time to pick up Ruby. She was excited to see the new car. Gary talked about some of the bells and whistles as he put the car seat protector on the back seat. Ruby couldn't wait to jump in the car and try it out.

On the way home the Friedmans talked about how well the day had gone. When they arrived home, Timber and Ruby went into the house. Everyone was tired from their exciting day. However, Gary was still interested in learning more about his car. He decided to bring the manual into the house to read.

Gary reached down to get his manual and found a small plastic bag. Surprised at what he saw, he immediately called the dealership. He told his salesman about the bag he found. The salesman could not give Gary an explanation, but promised he would ask around to see if anyone knew anything. So with that, they hung up, with both the salesman and Gary very confused and a bit concerned.

Shortly after, Gary received a call back from the salesman. He said he asked around and no one knew how anything like that could ever be found in a new car. Timber overheard Gary on the phone and started to laugh.

Timber explained to Gary that while he was getting the car ready for Ruby, she and the nanny were talking about Ruby's stay. Of course Timber was not surprised to hear that Ruby was a perfect guest, poodles always are.

The nanny said it was custom to always send the poodle guest home with a treat, and asked if it would be OK. She told her what it was and Timber squished her nose, but said yes.

The nanny gave Timber the treat and she laid it on the floor next to her purse and somehow missed it when getting out of the car. After hearing the story, Gary of course was glad it was nothing insidious and had a good laugh.

As far as I know, the dealership in Apache Junction still has no idea how that CHICKEN FOOT got in that brand new car. The Poodle Nanny felt an obligation to send the salesman a copy of this article. Hope he has a sense of humor.

Chicken feet can help maintain joint health and reduce joint pain from arthritis. They should only be served RAW. Serving them frozen on a hot Arizona summer day is a special treat. Bon appetite poodles!

Debra Rae lives in Green Valley. “Our Stories” is an occasional feature about the adventures of Green Valley residents. Email your stories to