On Thursday, Jan. 30, naturalist and author Pinau Merlin will present “Discovering Nature’s Clues” at the Green Valley Gardeners seminar.

Merlin will explain how nature speaks in a wide variety of clues and signs that tell us so much more than just what animals are around. All the tracks, scats, broken twigs, feeding sign, sounds and scents reveal stories, activities and the daily dramas of wildlife everywhere we look.

Merlin has lived in the desert Southwest for 40 years and in wilderness areas for 14 years, studying the wildlife and natural history of this unique area. Her many encounters with wildlife include walking up on a sleeping mountain lion; sharing her home with ringtails, skunks and canyon wrens; and receiving a proposal of marriage from a roadrunner.

Join Merlin for an engaging look into nature’s messages and clues and discover how to read their stories.

The seminar will be held at Green Valley Recreation Desert Hills auditorium, 2980 S. Camino del Sol, from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m.. Come as early as 9 a.m. to be assured of a seat and for coffee, goodies and socializing.

All Green Valley Gardener seminars are free to the public. Master Gardeners will be available before and after the seminar to answer your gardening questions.

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