Avian Thirst Haiku

Tiny sparrow, you

Were desperate for water;

Why else perch so near?

To my surprise you

Landed on the birdbath rim

As I filled it!

By Susan Ford


Your family, friends, and loved ones

Are pleased and proud to share,

Fifty years of recollection

And the many memories there.

Aren’t we glad that as we age

Certain things become so clear,

Once valued things lose their appeal,

We discern what’s truly dear.

Remembering the countless joys

As well as storms you weather,

Grasp the knowledge that you own

The dearness of together!

By Gwen Lamb


On achieving bed

it’s pleasant to feel safe from

the daily mishaps

I never think it’s likely

that I’ll snore myself to death.

On waking at night

I hope that after a pee

I’ll create new dreams.

The hours will drift slowly by

‘til tomorrow knocks softly.

Finally, I’m up,

craving coffee and cookies

and the Spelling Bee.

A day of happy options

smiles at me invitingly.

First, calisthenics.

Gotta move those creaky joints

and flex old muscles.

Walking the hallways helps

my balance and confidence.

Though every day

replays a certain sameness,

it has uniqueness.

Tankas require new thinking

and the world turns in new ways.

Skies again darken

My eyelids begin to droop.

My soft bed beckons.

What, where, when is the last act

of this long-running drama?

tanka by Richard Ramette


I’d love

To go back

In time

And explain

To Ben Franklin

What Wi-Fi is

Except I don’t know

I could discuss

The Designated Hitter

With Franz Liszt

Only I don’t

Speak Hungarian

So I’ll just stay

In the comfort

Of my own

Time canister


And tongue tied.

By Corky Simpson

Digital life

Tik Tok does not tell time,

But promises to make you shine.

Facebook is your life today,

With friends to one day wipe away.

Instagram wants your pouting lips

So plump them more, before friends flip.

Snap chat about this or that.

And don’t forget to ask What’s APP?

Twitter, a sound once known to birds,

Is now e-gossip for massive herds.

Google, the world’s encyclopedia,

Answers queries in multimedia.

Apple is not a tempting fruit,

Instead it leads to new pursuits.

U-tube creates the new sensations,

A million views of manipulation.

Amazon is a new kind o f jungle,

A shopping abyss, that’s anti-fungal.

Welcome to the digital age,

Your life and mine, for all to gauge.

By Maria Robinson

Wild western winds blow

Blooming paloverde trees

to twiggy baldness

By Trudy Munding


Wind blowing lightly

in multiple directions

scatters my essence.

By Rick Scifres


There’s one thing I would like.

I would like to ride my bike.

It’s been longer than I would like.

Maybe I should go back to a trike

Or just go for a short hike

Betty said go fly your kite.

Hope I can sleep tonight

A dream my solve my plight


By Bob Cripe