The Scenic Santa Ritas

I stare into your eyes each day

I wonder at your beauty

I explore your depths

You are my intimate friend

We met one surprising day

When out of the blue

We encountered each other

We embraced

My day begins with you

You frame the sunrise

My day ends with you

You reflect the sunset

Your heart is full of mystery

Your past is full of spirit

Your present is magic

Your place is full of life

You dance with the desert

You flow with the waters

You mingle with life

You are full of tomorrow

You have stories to tell

You have gifts to give

You have tears to share

You are a lot like me

By Paul Riggins



joy comes with drum rolls

and crashing symbols

taking our breath away.


joy comes softly

like gentle waves

caressing the shore

and we drift

in a world of enchantment.

By JoAnne Allen


I plopped into my body today.

Yes, I know it sounds odd, I’ll explain if I may.

It never seemed, really, an essence of me,

More a thing lugged about, like a purse or a key.

I raised my arms high and kicked up my heels,

Attentive to how my body would feel.

In a manner of speaking, the fit was exact,

Comfy, roomy, and mostly intact.

Mind-body duality is not something new,

Philosophers thought it and wrote it as true.

But every girl knows it’s not only in books,

Ever since birth she’s been judged by her looks.

“You’re too thin, you’re too fat, you’re too big, you’re too flat.”

Who would want such a body as that?

“Your legs are too short. Your nose is too long.”

The message is clear. Your body’s all wrong.

But now that I’m happily wrinkled and old,

I don’t much listen to what I am told.

My mind has accepted my body is me,

Not a moment too soon, I can finally just be.

By Kathleen Vishner


we stand together

each facing the other

and the world of things


nothing surpasses

the depth

of the stance

as we embrace

and are held

in a two-part frame

where each working with the other

leaves no space

between us we stand

in full knowledge

of each “I” and “Thou”

of the other

as we embrace

In the infinite moment

then blend

each into each

conforming universe…

and are able to stand

in the space of the

defining moment.

By VA Levine


I want to build a snowman...and touch a brilliant rainbow...and eat some chocolate ice cream...before it’s time to go.

I want to dance a polka...and drive my fine fast car...and slide down a golden sunbeam...before I go too far.

I want to hold a child...and read a sweet romance...and help another person...before I take that one last glance.

I want to pet my puppies...and hold my wife so dear...have her bake an apple strudel...because I know the time is near.

I want to view a sunset...and see a friend’s sweet smile...and walk another meadow...before I go that one last mile.

I want to be forgiven...for all the wrongs I’ve done...and always be someone lots of fun.

I want to sing an anthem...I know that now I’m ready...and thank dear Lord, our father...who held my path so steady.

I will go with courage...for I know that God awaits...with angels all about open Heaven’s Gates.

By Ruth McDermott


Hombre, change is in residence today.

Nothing dies, it is just a gateway.

Come here, go there, Life's Routine.

Once present, is never more.

Things to come, so don't deplore.

Who dwells in this place?

Does it have to be this we embrace?

The scene was about attachment,

not wandering about an accident.

Hombre, it is not your flaw.

By Jim Hassell


Warm greetings not for long

We are in for a winter storm

Snow forecast for upper midwest

Put on your long johns and all the rest.

Time to put gas into your car

And head for warmer climate afar

Green Valley is a good place to be

View the mountains, beautiful to see.

One mountain is way ahead

Everyone calls it Elephant Head.

By Bob Cripe


What gives me hope is kindness.

Kindness from a stranger or an intimate friend.

Kindness means whatever the issue:

it can be resolved,

it can be worked out.

Kindness has no boundaries,

It has no limits.

Kindness doesn’t care if

we look different

speak differently

have different values.

Kindness reminds me that

we fragile human beings can

accomplish anything


We are just kind to one another.

By Melinda Louise


My maternal grandma

had rheumatic fever when she was a child

and was sickly ever after.

Please remember that.

She lived on a farm

near a little town called Tekamah in eastern Nebraska.

Her family members were German Lutherans

and the church was the center of their activities.

She majored in literature and dramatics

at their Lutheran college in Atchison, Kansas.

Grandma married the son of German immigrants to Canada,

who immigrated to the United States with a third grade education

to apprentice and become a journeyman saddle maker.

He made his way to my grandma’s town

and set up shop on the main street.

I’m sure they met at church

where he became treasurer for forty years,

and eventually they married

and they spent their honeymoon

at Niagara Falls, which I thought was a fitting

and sentimental kind of celebration.

Grandpa bought a house

just a block through the alley from his shop,

and they had six children,

the first two named after characters in poetry.

She directed the church plays,

taught the children to rhyme

as they conversed at the dinner table,

and saw to it that all six of their children

graduated from her Lutheran college

which had moved to Fremont, Nebraska.

When I was ten, I watched her

as she was dying at age 69 in my family home.

©Margaret Ann Adams

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