I was working in my office, doing my books the other day.

Out of my window I heard some people talking and heard them say.

"are you ready, hope you're ready, it's really coming soon.

Are your ready, think I'm ready when it sweeps like a broom".

I couldn't understand their conversation or what they were talking about

So, I just continued what I was going until my dog began to bark.

My dog was ready for a change as he returned he had a grin

As I looked back at my ledger I noticed it was getting thin.

My check book needed more checks so I Began to wonder.

Did I order more check, am I ready or did I blunder?

Then I saw the Calendar and thought I had time a plenty

Do I get a new one and change over to 2022?


By Bob Cripe


From a bright point in a dark sky

through the slow show of a golden glow

beyond the mountains etched in shadow.

To the consolidation at a single place

from where falls the light to flow

like welcome water over the dry, directed earth.

Accompanied all the while

by a soundless symphony,

the antithesis of cacophony,

silent as a thought.

The heat, meanwhile, intensifies,

landing a last like relief

on the closed lids of our eyes.

So likewise within, another and new notion

moves toward the moment of its illumination.

By Syl Rex

Canine Companion

Non-judgmental love is rare

Although seek in humans we all dare

On canine comfort one can bet

A sure reason to have this pet

Velvety fur of black, red, white or brown

A wagging tail removes a frown

Exuberant eyes on display

An eager greeting to end the day

Wiggling and bouncing surrounds feet

Anxious anticipation of a treat

A single command elicits tricks

Followed by excited licks

Oh canine companion where would I be

If you did not share your life with me.

By Deanna Berglund


A man asked of me:

"Are you Richard the Poet?”

I replied. "I wish!"

All I do is set down thoughts,

and my tankas are simple,

not ethereal,

and readily understood.

They lack mystery

and merely say what I think.

Some readers find them helpful,

but they're not unique,

nor do they make readers gasp

with revelation,

because they often strike chords

already in other's hearts.

Straight prose with no form

lacks fun to write and to read.

Poetic form cons

readers to think it's "special,"

you know, like, "Ooh! A poem!"

tanka by Richard Ramette

Our Precious Earth

Spring is a beautiful and abundant season

As desert critters delight our senses for no specific reason

The sun rises earlier to greet the day

As warm breezes announce the coming of May

We take an afternoon walk in the park

Seeing how far we can go before it gets dark

The fireball spreads an incandescent light

Painting the sky orange before saying good night

Those on the trail feel the penetrating heat

Mouths craving for water and dragging their feet

Our precious water levels in rivers are shrinking

Glaciers melting and reservoirs sinking

From my window, I look up at the stars

How privileged we are to live in this planet and not Mars

Inhaling deeply with both arms over head

I whisper words of love and gently slumber into bed

My inner spirit speaks to me….

If humanity continues to breed and build to keep mankind alive

How can we save our precious Earth from our own demise?

By Dorel Vanegas

The “D” poem

Delicious desserts,

Devoured daily,

Disturb digestion.

Destructive dandelions

Devilishly dominating,

Disturb deck designs.

Deceitful despots,

Dominating debates,

Disturb Democracy.

Descending debts,

Derived desperately,

Disturb dividends.

Differential decision-making

Done discriminately,

Disturbs Doomsday.

Dew drops dancing,

Dampening draught,

Disturb Dread!

By Maria Robinson

Intense and intelligent,

Not known before

I see it is love.

By Paula Bowman

Starting Anew in “22”


We are never ever alone.

Our Spirits fill both time and Space.

United we form the bonds,

That holds our universe in place.

More than separate lonely runners,

Together we are the Human Race.

We are never ever alone.

By C. Amoroso

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