BAJA Bowling

The Winter season of the BAJA Senior Bowling league is over, with the position round having been played on March 24. So sad to see the season end and those that will leave Green Valley for the summer will be missed.

There were many changes in the final positions, with the foursome on the Alley Cats — Jill Popejoy, Pam Amburgy, Rita and Randy George — on the prowl as they swept their opponent and moved up four places in the standing. The crazies on Looney Tunes — Dick and Joan Keenan and Ed and Jan Karnes — had to settle down to remain on top by sweeping the Guys and Gals on a couple of nail biters. All is not lost, as more bowling will be coming for the Summer and Fall, so stay tuned for information.

Highlights for the men had Forest Beckwith rolling a sweet 223 Scratch Game, followed by a 215 for Chuck Carver and a 205 for Paul Barnhart. Scratch Series had Bob Clayton on top with a 599, followed closely by Jim Sears with a 585 and Mark Lomas rolling a 565. Bill Blum cruised to the top with a 259 Handicap Game and it was just enough to slide past Rob Potter’s 252 and a 241 by Ken Strocsher. Only six pins separated the top three for Handicap Series, with Dan Osborn’s 656, Mike Gemple’s 652 and Don Schorfhaar’s 650.

Joan Woods led the ladies with a 173 Scratch Game, with Kathleen Fordney’s 157 and a 153 by Terry Clayton completing the top three. Scratch Series had Cathy Yearout on top with a 523, out-pacing Rita George and her 455 and a 430 by Bonnie Williamson. Jill Popejoy rolled a 238 Handicap Game to squeak by the 231 by Nancy Gibbs and Donna Harrison’s 228. With a commanding 697 Handicap Series, Liz Lentini overwhelmed the entire league. Jen Burke’s 666 and the 626 by Juillene Hewitt rounded out the Handicap Series.

For information in the BAJA Senior Bowling and to participate in a fun sport with great people, contact Ed Karnes at 520-279-1521 or

Final standings

1. Looney Tunes 74 25

2. The Bowling Stones 70 29

3. Phantom Strikers 63 36

4. Misfits 62 37

5. The Turkey Hunters 61 38

6. Guys and Gals 61 38

7. Rockets 60 39

8. Rotary Bowlers 59 40

9. Who Gives A Split 54 45

10. Damage Control 54 45

11. Polar Bowlers 48 51

12. Four Amigos 46 53

13. Alley Cats 44 55

14. Gobshites 43 ½ 55 ½

15. Keglers 42 57

16. Gutter Dusters 41 58

17. Bowl-Der-Dash 40 59

18. Toilet Bowlers 34 65

19. Rock N Bowlers 33 66

20. Spare Me 29 70

21. Nobodys 26 73

22. Bye 0 0

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