BAJA Bowling

A glance at BAJA’s senior bowling league’s 20 teams.

BAJA’s senior winter league is well underway, and teams are beginning to exert themselves with their bowling prowess. Damn 10 Pin has jumped out to an early lead, but their first-place standing is of the slimmest margin, and they can’t afford to slack up. On our fourth week, we will have our first of two Red Pin weeks, so it will be fun for everyone.

In the third week for the men, Scratch Game leader went to Forrest Beckwith rolling a sweet 255 game, followed by Gary Peelman’s 212, and tying for third were Jim DeWilde and John Jendral’s 205. Scratch Series had Bob Clayton knocking down the pins at a very nice 574 clip, and Bruce Little and Mike Gempel tied for second place with a score of 541.

If you want to know more about BAJA bowling or the BAJA Sporting Club, contact Ed Karnes at or 520-279-1521.

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