A lot of us who couldn’t wait for this year to come now can’t wait to get out of it.

The numerals themselves looked so cool: 2020.

Surely, said the wags, it would be the year when vision would improve if nothing else.

Then, out of nowhere, we were attacked by a couple of monsters from the past:

A pandemic followed by bigotry in all its full-blown fury.

And here we were, mask-to-mask, yelling at each other while politicians on both sides of the cow path carried on a non-versation that sounded a lot like fundraising.

Meanwhile, out there in the Oort Cloud beyond our solar system, dirty snowballs are studying to become comets — and who knows what mischief they might come up with.

The headlines are something that make you want to run and hide: “Grim Toll” …. “Deadly Risk” …. “Violent Threat” …. “Brutal Confrontation” …. “Major Dilemma” ….

In our captivity we have watched and waited.

What else could we do? We’ve been unable to go to church or play bridge or go out for pizza or to a ball game.

There’s been nowhere to go and nothing to do but grow hair and watch things fall apart on TV.

But we’ll get out of this mess. Somehow we will.

This country got over zoot suits and leisure suits, goldfish-swallowing and telephone booth-stuffing.

By social distancing we learned to live with rock ’n roll, rap, rockabilly, game shows, green jello, New York Yankee dominance, home barbering, hugging from six feet apart, and bad election outcomes.

Perhaps by divine intervention we will overcome bigotry and intolerance.

Maybe we’ll overcome biological and computer viruses.

One thing we will absolutely, positively will get rid of is 2020.

And all of its blurred vision and bad news.

Corky Simpson is a veteran journalist who writes a column for the Green Valley News.