Good will and amity are limited commodities in a critical analysis of politicians — they always have been — and nobody is analyzed more critically than the President of the United States.

That’s OK.

It’s part of being president.

But let’s leave Joe Biden’s age out of it. Please.

The president turns 79 next month and he seems to have trouble with cue cards and tele-prompters now and then

He also seems to drop a few trite, over-used and out-of-date platitudes and phrases. Such as “C’mon, man.”

Then, too, he seems to have an occasional glitch in memory retrieval. But who among us doesn’t?

President Biden can’t help it if he was born in 1942.

And some of us strenuously object to disrespectful put-downs about the man’s age.

Especially those of of us born in 1938.

If you want to zing him on how he’s dealing (or not) with the border crisis, the economy, the epidemic, The Unvaccinated, crime …

If you want to blast the Prez on shoes and ships and sealing-wax, or cabbages and kings …

Have at it.

But show some class on the age-thing. He can’t help that.

Trying to be a good sport about all the crazy political storms roiling around us, the president said the other day, “It’s part of the process.”

Of course, that was probably a goof-up, considering he was answering a question about a reporter hounding Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema — stalking her smack-dab into the lady’s room. (The reporter was trying to flush out the senator’s position on immigration.)

But, hey, the latrine is off-limits to cameras and reporters.

Or should be.

And that definitely is not part of “the process.”

On the other hand, neither is the matter of making fun of President Biden’s age.

Criticize all you want about the man’s politics, his appointments and his occasional counterfactuals.

Blister the guy when he’s wishy-washy about one thing or too hard-line about another.

But leave him alone when it comes to his age.

“C’mon, man.”

Corky Simpson is a veteran journalist who writes a column for the Green Valley News.