Sent to the bench, the shaded one there at the entrance to the supermarket, by a nagging injury — while the other half of the team spurred the economy — I became aware of the fascination and entertainment value of the passing parade.

It is a wonderment.

Among the younger set going in the store to buy green peas and rutabagas, baloney and beer, it was an amazing show.

For instance:

More men wear ponytails and more women wear tattoos these days.

When did that happen?

Now and then (yippie-yi-yo) you even see a ponytailed cowboy. Well, let’s put it this way: A ponytailed cowboy-boot-and-bluejeans-wearer.

Maybe some fellows in ponytails use the hairstyle strategically, as a diversion in combat, giving them the edge in a bar fight by making the other guy over-confident.

I mention this because one or two of them gave the impression they’d be no stranger to a honky-tonk brawl.

Why the ladies were wearing tattoos, though, unless they planned to audition for a carnival, I don’t understand.

But if men aren’t engaged in the sissification of the species by wearing a ponytail, there’s no reason to believe ladies are trying to be macho, or looking for a bar fight by wearing tattoos.

I did notice one guy, when he mounted his motorcycle in the parking lot, was actually sitting on part of his ponytail, and I wondered if that might be a moving violation or something.

I doubt there’s an explanation for these phenomena, men in ponytails and women in tattoos, other than that’s just where we are today. So to speak.

Ladies don’t brawl in beer joints, of course. But it was clear that the ones I saw displaying their tattoos would almost certainly have the size-advantage against most opponents in their division.

It’s a close call as to which gender of pre-retirement age dresses worst any more. Some of the outfits look like they might have come from the dumpster behind the charitable facility that had rejected them as donations.

On the other hand, the priciest bluejeans you can buy today have slashes and holes and rips and tatters in them. In case you really want to look trendy and cool.

But that’s part of the entertainment, I guess.

Far-fetched or flamboyant, personal appearance can be a most amusing pageant these days.

Corky Simpson is a veteran journalist who writes a column for the Green Valley News.