The notion has spread that sports will never be the same once they return from the pandemic-induced suspension.

That might not be so bad. Those games we love so much could use some changes.

Shortening a few seasons wouldn’t hurt. In fact it would help professional sports that seem to go on and on …. and on. NBA basketball and Major League baseball, for example.

But what really needs shortening are the sports-talk shows. Some of them need to be trimmed to extinction.

I’m talking about the shout-a-ramas, the ones that take sports — and themselves — too seriously.

The bawl and bellow fellows are a laughingstock.

They contribute nothing to sports and only attract viewers who are interested in watching people make fools of themselves.

Such as the prince of wails who thinks he has all the answers and can only deliver them by screaming and shouting.

These shows must make at least a bit of money because there are so many of them. But maybe that’s because television has so much time to fill (or waste, take your pick).

There are good talk shows and good talk-show talkers.

But TV likes to promote the flamboyant, the preposterous, the mental train wrecks who scream and pound their fists on a table and bawl ...

About some ballplayer getting traded for another ballplayer, a .259 hitter for a .257 hitter.

Or they scream and pound the table when that trade ISN’T made.

Who cares?

But you can count on some spatial angel howling his persuasive argument with a delivery he learned on his native Mars.

He will yap and yammer until he loses his voice and become a hoarse whisperer.

At some point, surely, the spell of its fascination will succumb to the smell of its machination … and the great mute button will be pushed by the network business office because people are fed up with shout shows.

And when that happens, thus endeth the sermons of the suffering fanatics behind the microphone.

Corky Simpson is a veteran journalist who writes a column for the Green Valley News.