We need baseball.

In normal times it's there for us, a game we can believe in:

A sport we can relate to and rely on.

Now we find ourselves locked down. We're locked out of the one sport we need the most, as a country.

We need baseball to keep us sane.

Baseball just makes sense. The world around us — today — does not.

We wear masks so we don't make others sick. We stay 6 feet or more from everything. Life's on hold till we get back on track.

Baseball will be a sign we are back.

We need that wind-up and pitch .... that swing of the bat .... that chase .... retrieving the ball as the runner rounds first base.

We need "hum babe." And "atta boy."

We need "make him pitch" and "give him somethin' to swing at."

"Watch for the bunt."

"Be ready to tag up."

"Holy cow! It's outta here."

Baseball uniforms change but the game is uniform. Sometimes teams play indoors. On a rug even.

There's a mental side to it, but it's not a game of intellectuals. Guys who staggered in a daze through high school are multi-millionaires because they have good bat-speed. Or a great launch angle.

Or they can really bring the heat.

That's OK. People — fans — don't pay to watch them recite Shakespeare or work math problems. We don't watch them on TV because of their IQ.

The game's the thing.

We need it back.

We need to check the standings and see who's leading the league in this, that or the other.

What are the Cubbies up to?

How are the Dodgers doing?

Can our Diamondbacks make a run?

Will the Sox beat the Yanks?

We need to know these things.

Most of all we need these things to be happening again.

We need baseball to pull us out of this pickle.

Corky Simpson is a veteran journalist who writes a column for the Green Valley News.