We know the importance of having legal documents professionally prepared and ready – wills, setting up trusts, estate plans and more. But we also know legal advice isn’t cheap, and the cost of having these documents can really add up.

But it turns out that there is a way to have many legal documents prepared for less cost.

“To help people save money, the state of Arizona created the professional position of Arizona Certified Legal Document Preparer,” explained Janie Stover, who is herself an AZCLDP. “We can prepare many documents such as wills, trusts, powers of attorney, documents related to HIPPA health privacy laws, estate plans and others for less cost than a lawyer would charge.”

To be clear, Stover said, AZCLDPs cannot give legal advice. But they are trained and certified to prepare specific documents. Certification includes passing a comprehensive test and a background check. To remain certified, AZCLDPs must take at least 10 continuing education hours each year and re-certify every two years.

AZCLDPs can prepare the original documents as well as updates when they are needed. If a client requires legal advice before having their documents prepared, Stover said, she will refer them to a lawyer. But if their need is simply to have the documents prepared, she is trained to know what information to ask so she can prepare professional legal documents at an affordable cost.

For professional document preparation at affordable prices contact an AZCLDP, such as Janie Stover at 520-240-6723.