mask and glasses

There are over 164 million glasses wearers in the US, and most of us deal with foggy glasses, which is even more common when we wear masks.

What causes foggy glasses? Hot air from your nose and mouth escapes through the gap at the top of your mask, and comes in contact with the cooler lenses of your glasses, causing condensation to fog up the lenses.

How can I stop my glasses from fogging?

• One proven solution is to place a small strip of 3M Nexcare Gentle Paper Tape on the upper edge of your mask and your cheeks, keeping your breath from reaching your lenses.

• Another option is “Fog Stopper,” a spray designed to be applied directly on glasses, but will not harm the special coatings on the lenses. NOTE: Only use anti-fog spray that says it will not harm anti-glare glasses coatings.

• Pull the mask up higher on your nose, so the nose pads of your glasses press down and seal the top of your mask.

• Wear a well fitted mask with a bendable nose piece you can form to your nose, creating a tighter barrier. Homemade masks can be fitted with a pipe cleaner to help your mask fit securely on the nose.

What NOT to do.

Do not use vinegar, baby shampoo, toothpaste, baking soda or anything else that could harm or scratch your lenses.

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