Are you dreading the dilation drops at your annual eye exam? Dilation drops allow your eye doctor to assess the inside the eye, the retina. But these drops can cause blurred vision and light sensitivity for several hours, putting a damper on your day.

Now there is an alternative; many doctors offer the Optomap retinal imaging camera instead of the dilation drops. Keep in mind you may still need dilation depending on the health of your eyes.

What is the optomap?

Optomap retinal imaging is a non-invasive screening photograph which enables your eye doctor to evaluate the internal eye health. The optomap photograph captures up to 200° of the retina in a single image. It is fast, easy and safe for the entire family.

Early diagnosis

Many eye problems do not have symptoms until an advanced stage, such as glaucoma, retinal tears, and even cancer of the eye. The optomap retinal photograph can help diagnose eye conditions early, as well as detect systemic diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

Compare images over time

Another benefit of the optomap retinal photograph is that the digital images become part of your eye health record. By comparing previous images to new ones, your eye doctor can precisely monitor and track diseases and abnormalities. 

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