Almost a daily question in the Arizona desert. Well, I have the answer to that one!

Everything is HOT… home prices, interest rates (even with them rising) and homes that sell in the summer!

It seems  to be a common theme that homes don’t sell during our hottest months. Think again!

It’s a HOT market! I have been in lending 30+ years, 20 in Green Valley/Sahuarita market, and this market is like none before.

Looking for a home? Contact a Realtor or you will have a slim-to-zero chance of finding that perfect oasis in the desert.

I love hearing all the stories of yesteryear (and I lived many of them too) and future new changes to improve our overall experience of living here. Don’t want to drive too far for your shopping experiences? Not a problem. I just went to the Grand Opening this spring of (drum roll please) TJ Maxx, Sprouts, Beal’s and Pet Smart. Not only these stores but MOD Pizza is opening soon along with well kept secrets of other retail shops. It keeps getting better and better.

And my final words? Sunshine is HAPPY and, thanks to modern civilization, we have air-conditioning now! (When I arrived here in ‘66 it was not so.)

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