There have always been specifics that might make one assisted living facility better than another for you or your loved one. Today, with Covid-19 in our midst, there are even more factors to consider.

Spaciousness and safety.

While private rooms and bathrooms have always been a welcome feature, they’re necessities now. Look for settings with a few private rooms around a central area so residents can mingle with the same small group and the same caregivers rather than be around a whole floor full of people.

Homelike atmosphere.

The majority of today’s seniors lived in a house most recently, so find a setting that’s a house, not an apartment. Ideally, they can gather for meals cooked by their regular cook, while talking and interacting with their small group of housemates.

Safe access to the outdoors.

Many senior residences have beautiful landscaping. But be sure to ask how often residents get to go out and enjoy them. Look for secluded, secure outdoor spaces where residents can enjoy nature without risking their health by having many people nearby.

Opportunities to stay in touch safely.

Covid-19 has, for now, eliminated the availability of having visitors. Make sure any place you’re considering has accounted for this with a video system for staying in touch, and that they help residents use it regularly.

Most importantly, make sure all CDC guidelines are taken seriously by any place you consider. For information about how The Villas at Green Valley does all this and more, call Danielle at 520-256-4542.