Most memory losses are frustrating but are not a cause for concern. Remember you need to use your brain or you will lose it just like any muscle in your body.

Three causes of normal, age-related memory loss:

1. The hippocampus, a region of the brain involved in the formation and retrieval of memories, often deteriorates with age.

2. Hormones and proteins that protect and repair brain cells and stimulate neural growth also decline with age.

3. Decreased blood flow to the brain is common, which can impair memory and cognitive skills.

For most people, occasional lapses in memory are a normal part of the aging process, not a warning sign of the onset of dementia.

Normal age-related occasional forgetfulness:

1. Forgetting where you left things.

2. Forgetting names of acquaintances.

3. Forgetting an appointment or walking into a room and forgetting why you entered it.

4. Getting easily distracted.

5. Not being able to retrieve information that’s “on the tip of your tongue.”

Alzheimer’s is the most common form of dementia, and it and other forms are often in the news and can make you concerned. But remember, too much information is never a bad thing when it comes to your health. Seek advice from doctors who understand dementia, and know we are always here with sound advice regarding this issue.`Call Danielle at 520-256-4542.