The holidays are a wonderful time to share the fun, love, and activities at The Villas. Visitors add to the excitement and make the Neighborhood come alive.

A lot of Green Valley residents have family far away; that’s why we always promote friends and neighbors visiting any time of year but especially at the holidays.

As I've mentioned before, Green Valley/Sahuarita has to be the top volunteering town in the state if not the country, and we at The Villas have been lucky to get them involved with our residents in a myriad of ways.

Adopt a Senior this year

In our “Adopting a Senior” program, we match up our residents with a family, church, or other groups in the community so there is more interaction and love being spread. Even sports teams between practices come out and mingle with "their" special residents.

This works both ways...the individual, family or group adopts a Villas resident and the resident adopts them. Everyone wins!

Some people just stop by to see their special person, which often turns into a relationship that flourishes all year. Some people come in singing, some decorate doors, while others just stop by to chat or go for a walk. Other Santa’s Helpers bring gifts and immediately a heart has been touched by both the giver and the recipient.

The joy and smiles that come from this program last a lifetime! If you would like to get involved please contact Danielle at 520-256-4542.

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