Cooler weather will give you energy to enjoy our beautiful valley with the possibility of some amazing colors due to all of our rain this summer.

Healthy Habits to Follow

• Exercise - Take walks in the morning and evening.

• Eat well so you are full (thus skipping snacks) and don't eat after 7:00 pm.

• Drink plenty of water EVERYDAY.

• Get your Flu Shot.

• Get your Covid-19 booster (we’re #1 in the state for % of vaccinations - let’s keep it up!).

• Wear your mask in crowded indoor environments.

• Get plenty of sleep (Helps keep plaque from forming in your brain which most likely is part of causing Alzheimer's).

Don't sweat the small stuff

• Relax by reading, deep breathing, yoga and stretching.

• Volunteer! It helps someone else and makes you feel good too. Continue Green Valley’s excellent Volunteer Culture: Green Valley residents are among the best in the country at volunteering and helping each other.

• Look out for each other - get help for someone who needs it.

Gather & Socialize together

Socializing with others is great for a person's psyche. I invite you to come out to The Villas and make some resident's day. Walk the beautiful grounds, sit by one of our fountains, or if you are an artist, enjoy working with our residents in our new art studio. Join in on one of our seated Zumba classes...with great music!

For a tour of The Villas or to see how you can volunteer with us or join an activity or class, call Danielle at 520-256-4542.