Everyone forgets things sometimes. But when memory lapses become frequent or sufficiently noticeable to concern you or a family member, it’s time to see a doctor to determine the cause.

At your doctor’s visit you can expect questions like:

• How long have you or others noticed a problem with your memory?

• What kind of things have been difficult to remember?

• Did the difficulty come on gradually or suddenly?

• Are you having trouble doing ordinary, everyday tasks?

Reversible causes of memory loss

Memory loss doesn’t automatically mean you have dementia. The Mayo Clinic explains that there can be many possible reasons for your memory loss, such as:

• Depression

• Vitamin B12 deficiency

• Thyroid problems

• Alcohol abuse or alcohol interfering with medication

• Dehydration

• Medication side effects

• Insufficient sleep

Ways to prevent or combat memory loss

Studies have shown that people who practice healthy habits often have less memory loss. Try to incorporate these into your daily routine:

• Stay Social - Join an interest group and attend their activities.

• Exercise regularly - Learn ballroom dancing or yoga.

• Don’t smoke - Or if you do smoke, stop. Join a stop smoking group for support.

• Manage stress - staying active helps, or try meditation.

• Get plenty of sleep - this alone can improve your health and memory.

• Watch your diet - consult a nutritionist for help.

• Brain exercises - to keep your mind sharp.

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