Veterinary hospitals and clinics are considered “essential businesses” and can continue to provide services during the Covid-19 pandemic. Veterinarians’ utmost concern should be the care of their patients, while also taking precautions to keep clients and staff healthy.

Following what is currently the new standard of care in veterinary medicine at many practices, clients are often no longer allowed to enter veterinary facilities and visits are handled “curb-side.” Telemedicine, either over the phone or in video-chats, can now also be used to consult with clients on their pet’s health. While it is taking some adjustment to practice veterinary medicine in a way we never have before, our clients are appreciative that we remain open and have been extremely patient with these new processes.

Of course, it’s important that clients not visit their veterinarian if they themselves have a fever, cough, or are ill in any way. Alternatively, many practices will allow friends or family members to bring pets in for care. Please remain the recommended 6 feet from staff members at all times during a visit, unless handing over a pet to a staff member.

The American Veterinary Medical Association provides a helpful link for pet owners about their pet’s health and the role they may play during the Covid-19 crisis. You’ll find it at Valley Verde Veterinarians is also here to answer any questions. Call us at 520-393-7387.