Vet Tech

National Veterinary Technician week this year is October 11-17, 2020. Although we value our veterinary technicians every day of the year, this is a special week to honor their commitment to animal welfare and for providing care for your pet.

Veterinary technicians handle a variety of responsibilities in our clinic. These include many tasks that a nurse or medical assistant would perform for humans. Patient care and client education is at the top of their daily responsibilities as well as surgical assisting and collecting and preparing and running lab samples. They also perform and assist in dental procedures, position pets for radiographs and keep appointments running smoothly and on time.

Some technicians are certified, meaning they received an associates or bachelors degree, passed a state board exam, and are required to continue their education with regular classes every two years to maintain their certification. Other technicians and veterinary assistants learn on the job or complete a shorter program for training. Some certified veterinary technicians also specialize in many of the same areas that veterinarians can specialize in including internal medicine, anesthesia and dentistry, among others.

Veterinary technicians are an integral part of any veterinary practice. They are specially trained in the care of animals and are irreplaceable in all areas of clinic management. They compassionately care for all their patients each and every day. This October, say a special thank you to your pet’s veterinary technician!

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