Has your veterinarian ever recommended that your pet see a specialist? Have you wondered what is so “special” about them and how they differ from your trusted veterinarian who sees your pet on a regular basis?

Occasionally our pets become so sick or have such a complicated problem that advanced care or procedures are needed to address it. Just like your family practitioner can address many of your concerns, they may also send you to a doctor that is specially trained in a particular area.

Specialists, or board-certified Diplomates, have gone through additional training in one of over 40 specialties. After 4 years of veterinary school, Diplomates spend a year in an internship, then up to 3 years in a residency specializing in their area of interest. They are required to also perform research and publish in veterinary journals before they must pass a rigorous board exam. They then continue their career with research, private practice, teaching students and other veterinarians, presenting at conferences, pioneering new treatment options or procedures, or a combination of the above.

Some Diplomates that we consult with in my practice include surgeons, ophthalmologists, oncologists, dermatologists, internists, neurologists and dentists, just to name a few. These experts in their field allow veterinarians, like myself, to offer their clients the best care available.

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