scaredy cat

Getting a cat to the veterinarian’s office can be a challenge for pet owners. Cats are often kept exclusively indoors at home, so a trip into the outside world to see new people at the vet’s office can be terrifying.

Placing a cat into a carrier can be difficult, as well as the stressful car ride to the office. Many of the recommended strategies to get dogs used to being in a crate can also be helpful when getting a cat comfortable in their carrier. Here are a few tips to make your trips less stressful:

● Keep the cat carrier out in a common place in the household so your cat is used to seeing it.

● Start introducing the carrier early, when your cat is young. Place them in it on a regular basis, even if you’re not leaving the house.

● Use a pheromone spray on the carrier, bedding and yourself.

● Feed treats and meals in the carrier to acclimate your cat and make it a positive experience.

● Take short car rides with your cat to make them more used to travel.

Over time you can make your cat feel safe and comfortable in their carrier, making a trip to see us less stressful for everyone. If your cat hasn’t been examined in a while, give Valley Verde Veterinarians a call for an appointment at (520) 393-7387.

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