clean pool

A robotic cleaner is the best way to keep your pool clean.

Traditional suction powered pool cleaners require your pump to be running, and trap debris in your pool filter, causing you extra maintenance and electrical costs. Robotic cleaners capture debris in their own, internal filter, and the debris can then be discarded just like robotic vacuums for your home. They clean whether your pool pump is on or off, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars per year.

Robotic cleaners are available at multiple price points so you can find a cleaner that suits your needs and fits your pool. From an inexpensive simple robot like the S100 to a multi-programmable cleaner like the M600 that goes to work on your schedule. You can even drive them with your phone or tell them to clean your tile only.o

While a robotic cleaner may sound expensive, we now have demo units - at all price points - that you can try out for yourself before deciding which to purchase. They are easy to maintain and have extended warranties. You can even call the cleaner to the edge of your pool so you can remove it without going for a swim!

Robotic cleaners protect your skimmer basket, your pump basket, your filter and your wallet. Contact us at TotalCare Pool, 520-428-7665, to see one in action for yourself. We’ll even let you “try before you buy” so you can make an informed decision and we’ll help pick the Dolphin Robot that’s right for you.