pool equipment

You shouldn’t have to go to school to own a pool but let’s face it, the days of throwing a couple 3-inch tabs into a floater and then into your pool are nearly a thing of the past. Nowadays it feels like you have to have a degree from MIT just to turn the pump on.

If you want to learn about your pool and its equipment, a qualified pool service company can help.

Don’t be intimidated by all the fancy bells and whistles. A professional pool company will come to your home and show you first hand just how easy managing your pool can be! You should be able to manage your pool and spend your time enjoying it instead of fixing it.

If you're ready to go back to school, ask a qualified pool technician to come to your home, explain your equipment, and teach you how to best control it for less than the cost of a month of pool service.

At TotalCare Pool, we’re proud of the pool service we provide to our customers. But we also love to help the “Do-It-Yourself” community. And, if after going back to school, you still feel overwhelmed, we will credit you the cost of the school towards your monthly service. You can't lose!

Give TotalCare Pool a call/text today at 520-428-7665 and take back your pool!