You may have heard of Life Coaches and wondered what they do for people, or imagine that they’re similar to psychologists or other counselors, who help you analyze your past so you can move forward.

Life Coaches are different because they don’t focus on your past. Instead, they help you focus on whatever area of your life you’d like to improve, such as:

• Stress-induced overeating and drinking.

• Changing your thoughts to move your life forward and to reduce emotional pain.

• Learning to like, love and respect yourself while respecting others.

• Techniques to improve your relationships and manage the give-and-take of romantic relationships, friendships or family interactions.

Make sure your Life Coach is trained and experienced.

The problem is, anyone can advertise themselves as life coaches, so you need to check out their credentials. Sad to say, but some have only taken a three-day workshop -- or no training at all -- before calling themselves life coaches.

It’s important, too, that your Life Coach has professional experience working with clients on health and emotional challenges, communication issues and problem solving.

To find out how a Certified Life Coach can help you change your future, try it yourself through a complimentary 50-minute Zoom session. All coaching sessions are conducted using this online, face-to-face platform for your safety and comfort.