A recent study done by found that the number of people who have estate plans - even a basic Will - in 2020 has decreased by 25% since 2017. Furthermore, the number of middle-aged adults with estate documents dropped 25% since 2019, and among older adults, the number dropped 20%.

Reasons for putting off planning

If you fall into one of these groups, you’re not alone. People give many reasons why they haven’t drawn up their Will and other essential documents like their Financial and Medical Powers of Attorney and Living Will. See if you recognize any of these:

• “I don’t need an estate plan!” An estate plan sounds rather grand, right? But the truth is, everyone has an estate, including you. Your estate is everything you own, right down to money stashed in a sock drawer. And an estate plan includes more than a Will.

• “That sounds complicated, and I don’t know where to go to get help.” Just call on an expert who specializes in estate documents - an Arizona Certified Legal Document Preparer (AZCLDP).

• “It’s a lot of work getting all my information together.” It seems that way because you aren’t sure just what you need. An AZCLDP can tell you exactly the information you need to get your estate plan together. It’s not hard at all.

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