With summer winding down, it’s time to gear up for the fall. A new season is perfect for turning over a new leaf, and finishing items you have put off. So let’s tackle your estate plan!

It’s easy! You can put together your estate plan in TWO STEPS.

1) Decide who you want to handle your health care and your finances if you can’t do it.

* Ask the family members or friends you choose if they are willing and able to act for you.

* Always have an alternate person in case your first choice can’t do it when the time comes.

2) Decide how you want your estate to be distributed.

* Do you want to give to a grandchild, or perhaps a charity?

* Think about that now so it can go into your official documents.

Believe it or not, you’re almost done!

Wasn’t that easy? Or at least easier than you thought it would be?

Now, you just need to have your documents prepared. You will be relieved to have the documents you need to protect you while you are living and to also have a Will to ensure your final wishes are carried out as you planned. Your loved ones will appreciate that you took the time to accomplish this important task.

By acting today, you’ll know your documents are ready. For easy preparation of these and other estate documents, contact Janie Stover, Arizona Certified Legal Document Preparer (AZCLDP) at (520) 240-6723.