All you need to do is get your thoughts together and jot them down legibly. Once you have done that, the hard part is over. Don’t worry about the legal jargon or proper format, just make your notes and let the professional put it into proper form.

Have a Plan B

Along with deciding who will inherit your estate, you need:

A) To appoint someone who will act for you – as your Power of Attorney for both financial and health care -- if you are not able to act.

B) A contingency plan – an alternate -- in case your first choice is not an option.

Use an AZCLDP to prepare your documents.

The Arizona Supreme Court created the Certified Legal Document Preparer program to certify individuals to prepare legal documents without the supervision of an attorney in order to provide the public with access to legal services. Certification protects the public and ensures conformance to the highest ethical standards in a professional and competent manner.

Being prepared will give you and your loved ones peace of mind. If you have your wishes spelled out, your documents will guide the person you choose to make decisions for you and to distribute your estate assets as you want them to. You never know when you might need these documents, but by acting now, you’ll know you are prepared.

For easy, affordable preparation of your estate documents, contact Janie Stover, AZCLDP at (520) 240-6723.


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