A recent Legacy Study published by Merrill Lynch found that only 55% of Americans over age 55 have a Will. And though they know they need to have additional documents - healthcare directives, powers of attorney - only 18% have them.

Study participants are worried about the future.

Respondents to the study said they’re concerned about having medical procedures done that they don’t want. They’re concerned that they won’t have an advocate to stand up for them when they need it. And they know that without these documents, they may be leaving a mess for their heirs to deal with.

“Preparing is too confusing.”

In spite of being worried, most say they haven’t prepared for the future because it seems too confusing. So they procrastinate and vow to do it later. That’s just human nature.

Preparing what’s collectively known as your estate documents seems confusing because it’s not your expertise. Fortunately, the state of Arizona has Certified Legal Document Preparers whose expertise is in helping people complete documents like these easily and affordably. They don’t expect you to know what to do; all you need to do is answer some questions.

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