Half of the people in the U.S. don’t have a Will. If you’re in this half, you’re clearly not alone.

According to studies conducted annually since 2015 by Caring.com and YouGov, half of all Americans do not have a Will or other estate documents. One of the biggest reasons they gave for not having a Will is that they don’t think they have much to leave anyone, so why bother?

Myth: You have to be rich to need a Will.

Even people with $80,000 salaries believed they didn’t have enough assets to need a Will. Maybe part of the problem is the word “estate.” It sort of paints a mental picture of a long driveway leading to massive locked gates protecting a mansion, doesn’t it?

Everyone has an estate.

The truth is that everyone has an estate, because its definition is “all the money and property owned by an individual.” Regardless of the dollar value of your estate, you can’t put a price on the things that are valuable to you, whether it’s your great-grandma’s wedding rings or tools of the trade you want your child to have.

But, if you don’t have end-of-life plans, your estate may be tied up in the court system and a judge may decide who gets these things.

An Arizona Certified Legal Document Preparer (AZCLDP) can create your Will and the other documents that make up an estate plan.

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