How long are you willing to wait to complete the legal documents for your estate?

It is hard to imagine that you or your spouse could become incapacitated and unable to sign legal documents, but sadly it does happen.

As with most worthwhile endeavors, preparation is the key. Producing legal documents that reflect your intentions is much harder in stressful times. The best part of having your documents completed is that you have the benefit of time to think over your decisions. A feeling of relief and peace of mind is the result, knowing the road ahead will be less stressful with these important documents completed.

A comprehensive estate plan includes a Last Will and Testament, Durable Financial Power of Attorney, Heath Care and Mental Health Care Power of Attorney, Living Will, HIPAA Authorization and Final Disposition Instructions.

Many people choose to add a Revocable Living Trust which can help with distribution of assets and avoid probate. A trust also allows you to have a co-trustee or successor trustee to manage assets during incapacity and to act if you are unable to. It is an excellent way to manage your assets during your life and allows property to be transferred promptly after your death. A trust also ensures confidentiality; unlike probate, which is a public process, the trust terms are not overseen by Probate Court.

To have a Revocable Living Trust or other estate documents prepared for you at an affordable cost, contact Janie Stover, AZCLDP at 520-240-6723.

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