I wish I could definitively answer that question, but the truth is, it’s mostly a matter of opinion.

More repairs, no car payments

Older cars need more repairs because parts naturally wear out with age. Belts and hoses dry out and crack. Plastic parts break and metal parts rust.

Many vehicles today will last for 200,000 miles and more, if given proper maintenance along the way. But, if repairs are costing more each month than a car payment, that factors into your decision.

Car payments but warranties too

You might think, being an auto repair shop, we would recommend keeping your older car and repairing it, because we get more business that way. But as people who love cars and trucks, we love new ones, too. New technology, sleek new designs, and top performance.

New cars free you from the worry that your car might break down and leave you stranded. And, when anything needs fixed, your warranty will cover most of it. But, new cars are expensive. Can you afford the down payment and monthly payments? On the other hand, prices will only continue to rise.

How safe is it?

Some people love babying their vehicle and keeping it running as a matter of pride or sentimentality. The most important thing with any vehicle is how safe it is. Be sure to have regular maintenance done and tires replaced as needed.

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