While we don’t have to contend with snow here in Southern Arizona, we do still need to make sure our tires – including the spare – are ready for the colder weather.

Check tire tread

Make sure your tires have enough tread on them to grip the road. Tires start losing wet weather traction and handling at around 4/32 of tread.

Run your finger back and forth inside the grooves of the tread. If the little tabs that stick out are almost even with the tread, the tire should be replaced. Check all tires in several places because tread can wear unevenly.

Check for proper inflation

Tires tend to lose pressure in colder weather so check them often. Look for your vehicle’s recommended tire inflation on a sticker inside the driver’s door. Use a tire pressure gauge to measure pressure and add air as needed.

Overinflated tires can cause problems too. They tend to bulge out in the middle and wear unevenly.

If your tires are overinflated, use the bead on the back of the tire pressure gauge to let out some air, checking pressure again until it reaches the correct tire pressure.

Keep your vehicle in alignment

Having your alignment checked once a year is a good idea. If it’s out of alignment, tires can wear out sooner in places.

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